Eyeliner Tips for a perfect application

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Tips #1 Stabilised your arm and hand first!

Get a tilt mirror close to your face, place your elbow on the table then rest your pinky on your face before you start, it helps increase the steadiness of your shaky hand.

Tips #2 choose an eyeliner that is right for you.

There are three main types of eyeliner : Pencil, Gel or Liquid.

Pencil eyeliner is easy to apply, but sometimes doesn't spread as smoothly or as precisely as the gel or liquid liners. It can be smudged for a smoky eyes effect, usually made of kohl or wax.

Gel liners can come in a pot which you use an eyeliner brush to apply, and it can come in a pencil form. It is matte, most are water resistant or waterproof, it glides on easily and takes a minute to dry. For a precision application it is recommended to use a slant, pointer or angle brush to apply. The gel pencils are great for doing tightening on the waterline.

Liquid liners usually come in either a tube with a small brush, or a pen style with pointed brush. It usually takes some time to dry. It can be matte, glossy, even come in shimmer, glittery form. They are great for drawing the flick/ wing liner as it gives a smooth and sleek finish and it gives more control for a precision liner.

Tips #3 Dots and line

If you're just starting out with liquid or gel liner, don't try to draw a whole line on one stroke. Start off by applying dots or dashes with little gaps in between, then slowly connect them.

Tips #4 Shape then fill

Do not pull your skin before you get the shape of eyeliner first! Once you draw in the correct shape and angle, then you can gently pull it outward to fill in the gaps.

Tip #5 Magic Tightlining

Tightlining is a must try technique, especially for droopy eyes, mono-lids and mature ages. It can be applied alone for a more natural look that enhances eyeshadow and fake fuller lashes. And it can be applied together with the top lash line to intensify a dramatic look. Tightlining means applying eyeliner on the upper rim/waterline of your eye. Best to use waterproof eyeliner and apply under and close to your lash line.

Tips #6 Clean and fixing smudge

We all have that moment when eyeliner gets a little messy, clean up your over line with a cotton tip soaked with non-oily makeup remover or Micellar water. Concealed, primer and moisturiser can work wonders for fixing smudges.

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