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Welcome to Porcelain Face Beauty Blog! This blog is run by Rachel Leung, a professional makeup artist who loves to share her expertise of all things beauty, hairstyle and makeup. 


Here you can learn how to look after your skin, get inspiration to level up your makeup skills and keep up with the latest trends. 


Rachel has won the Makeup Artist of the year at Brides Choice Awards 5 years in a row from 2016 to 2020. She has vast experience in beautifying over thousands of clients in events, weddings, beauty pageants and editorials. Rachel was trained in Australia but her knowledge covers many ethnic and cultures, best known for her porcelain skin soft glam makeup.


Rachel is constantly upgrading her skills through training and master classes. Some of the A-listed celebrities Makeup Artists she has trained with  include Rae Morris and Mario Dedivanovic.

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