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10 Makeup Tricks that will instantly make you look younge

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

10 Makeup Tricks That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger
Use these makeup tips to take years off your face

👧10 Makeup Tricks That Will Instantly Make You Look Younger 😍

1. Take care of your brows 🤨

Your eyebrows begin to thin out and droop as you get older. Draw them in fuller can keep your face looking youthful, it’ll frame your face and enhance your facial features too. Use a colour that is close to your hair color.

2. Get the stay on eyeshadow/old mascara to cover grey hair 👩‍🦳

You can use makeup to cover the grey hair on the bad hair day in between your salon colour appointment. You can use a stay on liquid eyeshadow, mascara or waterproof eyeliner for a. instant fix. Use a shade closest to your hair colour. Then using a clean spoolie or old eyeshadow brush , slighting apply the products to cover grey hair.

3. Curl your lashes 👁

Using an eyelash curler may seem hectic, but curling your lashes can open up your eyes and makes them appear younger. The wax in waterproof Mascara usually are better for lashes to stay upward and curl. Again as we age we loses the length and thickness of our lashes.

Sweep on some volume-enhancing mascara for the ultimate finishing touch.

4. Be open minded to brown or coloured eyeliner instead of black 🐻

Black eyeliner adds a dramatic effect to every makeup look, but it’s a little intense for some people especially if they have light or blonde hair. For a more natural and youthful look try switching to a brown eyeliner. You can also try eyeliner that is the same colour as your eye, it will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

5. Hydrate, Moisturise and Prime 🧴

Keeping your skin nourished seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re rushing out the door like I do, I understand quite often people forget to put on skincare before makeup. Layering serums and moisturiser on your face each day really does matter. Clean, tone and moisturise is a must to do every evening and very importantly every morning, our skin cells repair and renew overnight, cleansing your face in the morning will help eliminate the dryer, older skin cells (which cause dull skin, lines and wrinkles) that is on the top layer of your skin and therefore, make room for the more plump beautiful newer skin cells to come to the surface. Hydrate skin before makeup and it will extend the staying power even longer! Spray Hydrating Serum Mist before foundation or primer. It is only beneficial to dry skin but it can also benefit oily skin and help to reduce sebum production.

For an extra luxury smooth skin look, add a good primer into your makeup routine before applying foundation.

6. Conceal UnderEyes, brighten it up 🌟

Use concealer before foundation. Concealer should only be applied on dark areas. Choose a concealer that have yellow or orange pigment to colour correct or blue or purple dark circle. When it come to ageing skin, less is more. Don’t overuse concealer under eyes or it could make appear older.

7. Choose the right foundation👍

You will be surprised how nicer and younger you will look if you find the correct foundation colour that matches your face, also the texture of your foundation plays a big part!

It’s all about finding the right balance. Too light and you’ll look sick, but too dark and your face will appear heavy and ages even more!

Unfortunately, finding the proper shade for your skin is a matter of trial and error. You’ll also want to test the foundation on your face, neck and body to make sure you’re getting the right color. Powdery finish can ages people, skin like, semi matt finishes and make us appear younger as it doesnt show “MAKEUP” on our skin. Cut back on powder if unnecessary, only apply on oily zones. The only skin should stay matt is when people have lot of deep wrinkles, scarring and textured skin.

8. Add some blush or bronzer ☺️

Many people skip this step in makeup, but adding some warmth to your cheeks can make you look more awake! Simply apply a bit of blush or a warm Bronzer as blush. It’s also important to note you need to apply it correctly, not too low as our cheek muscles drop while we age! Here is what you can do. Do not go under this guideline. It should be above corner of lips to top of ear.

9. Incorporate a highlighter to your beauty routine ✨

We all have those days when our skin looks tired and dull. Highlighter can add extra dimension to your face, giving it an illusion of brighter complexion and sun-kissed skin.

10. Use lip liner and change your usual lipstick colour 👄

Your natural lip line begins to fade as you get older, if thats the problem add a lip liner to the makeup routine. It can also help accentuate your lips’ natural shape. Or choose a Matte solid lipsense colour to use as LipLiner. Change your usual lipstick colour, if you have thin lips stay away from deep coloured lippy

Some dark lippy are very trendy, but it won’t do any favours for ageing lips. Over time, our lips begins to thin out and look less defined. The deeper colour will only enhance the signs of age, and emphasis the thin out lips. For a fuller look, try to change lippy to a neutral colour or light pink lip. If you really only like dark, try using a sheerer deep colour.

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